Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Floral Affair

Jacket & Top - Sheinside, Jeans & Shoes - Topshop, Bag - Primark
I wanted this jacket for AGES, I have the matching shorts from Zara but could never justify the price tag for the jacket too, so when it popped up on Sheinside I couldn't resist. A fraction of the cost and a perfect match for the print of my Zara shorts, what a bargain!

The top is also from Sheinside and cost less than a tenner, have I found my new favourite website?! Admittedly, it took a LONG time for this all to be delivered, well about a week for delivery and maybe 3 for it to be shipped, so I guess it depends how impulsive & patient you are as to whether or not it's worth it. My basket is full with some A/W basics and a couple of beautiful coats, so tempting.

Laura xxx

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gluten Free Diaries #3 - Honest Burger, Soho

I've been hunting down which burger joints in London serve gluten free options (and taking recommendations from the girls at Motel) and couldn't resist a trip down to Honest Burgers. Admittedly we had about an hours wait for our table, but with a promise of Gluten Free buns and Gluten Free onion rings (WHAT?!) it was easy enough. They even serve 3 types of Gluten Free beer if you're a fan. 

While you wait, they send you a link to an online queue, you can watch your place in the queue go down, and then when you're a few spaces away it asks you to head back. We popped to Wahaca for a couple of BEAUTIFUL cocktails, which went down far too easily.

The real burger looks better than my gluten free bun, but as gluten free buns go, I was really impressed. The onion rings were pretty crunchy but such a treat as I've not had onion rings in months! Definitely a good idea.

The chips were really good, seasoned well and that lovely potatoey taste that some restaurants really can't achieve. They come with the burgers price, which makes it not too expensive on a whole.

We also got the Gin cocktail with cucumber, and it was incredible. 

Honest Burgers - Soho London

Laura xxx